Why all products on Vegshelf are vegan?

In addition to being innovative, and beautifully packaged, all products on Vegshelf are also vegan. If you’ve read our founding story, then that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Co-founders, Marcis and Baiba, started tinkering with the idea of Vegshelf when they both decided to ditch meat and dairy yet struggled to find authentic, high-quality vegan products in shops.

Now, some of you may be wondering - why vegan in the first place? It’s a combination of concerns around our own health, climate change, and animal welfare that made us look at our diet from a completely different angle. Opinions and personal preferences aside, let's look at the science and some mind-boggling facts:

Wellness & Health

Wellness and health


A plant-based diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and legumes reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, several major cancers and obesity by up to 4 times.

Yale University

Climate & Environment

Climate and environment


Raising animals for meat, dairy and eggs uses about 70% of agricultural land, and is one of the leading causes of deforestation, biodiversity loss, and water pollution.

FAO, United Nations

Animal welfare

Animal welfare


More than 56 billion farmed animals are killed each year. This does not include fish and sea animals, whose numbers are so high they are measured in tonnes.

World Economic Forum

Because what we eat and drink has such a profound impact on the world around us, it simply makes sense for us at Vegshelf to highlight and sell products that are in line with what science tells us is right.

While having plant-based ingredients is an important criterion in our product selection process, there is much more that we look at - like branding, innovativeness, and taste. More information on how we handpick and vet brands at Vegshelf can be found here.