How Vegshelf wholesale marketplace works for sellers

1. Apply and get verified as a seller

Fill out the supplier application form available on our website. After that - our team will go through your information and schedule an onboarding call. To ensure trust and reliability within our user community, all users on Vegshelf marketplace are verified. Our task is to make it as fast as possible, however due to the high volume of applications we receive, it may take between max 2-3 days for brand approval. After you’ve been accepted, you’ll receive a login link.

2. Set up payout

In order to receive funds for the orders you generate on Vegshelf, you need to set up your payout method. To ensure the highest security and quality of the payment process on Vegshelf, we have partnered with Stripe. Navigate to your account's “Settings” page - “Payout & Shipping” tab to add your bank account number and get verified with Stripe. Our sellers get paid within 10 days after delivering the order. On time, always.

3. Identify countries in which you want to sell on Vegshelf

The final step to complete the set-up of your brand’s account is to identify countries to which you want to sell and the applicable shipping fees for orders below €250. You can easily do that from your account’s “Settings” page - “Payout & Shipping” tab.

4. Create product listings and customize your brand’s company page

Your company page is where our retailers will get the first impression of your brand. Click on “Add product” to create product listings, fill out product details and upload high-quality product images. You can save product listings as a draft or submit them for publishing. You can significantly speed up the product uploading, by navigating to the “Product listings” page and duplicating the existing product listing and just editing data that differs in the newly created product listing. All newly created product listings need to be approved by Vegshelf before being published. It takes max 2-3 days for approval. Customize your brand’s “Company” page by uploading your logo, and cover image and adding a company description. Once all that is set up, you’re ready to go live and be presented to our network of retailers. Count on us if you need help with professional product photos, descriptions, or advice on optimizing your online B2B store’s performance - our team will take care of it for free.

5. Confirm or reject the order request

At Vegshelf we put our brands in the driver's seat and let you decide where your products are sold. You will receive an e-mail notification once the buyer has placed an order for your products. Then, your task is to confirm or reject the order within 72 hours from your “Orders” page - “Order requests” tab. Those order requests that haven’t been confirmed within 72 hours, are automatically rejected. We highly advise our brands not to wait too long and confirm the received order requests as all retailers have been already vetted for reliability and quality prior to receiving access to Vegshelf marketplace. Some of the criteria according to which we verify new buyers are: business registration details, incl. VAT number, size of business, store address, social media, web presence, and time in business.

6. Prepare and ship your order

We do not maintain stock of products sold on the marketplace, therefore each brand is responsible for their order fulfillment and shipping. After the buyer has placed an order from you, you’ll receive an e-mail notification with all the order details necessary to prepare the shipment. Package your items carefully, use your regular shipping provider and, once shipped, update the order status on your “Orders” page - this will notify the buyer that the order is on its way. All the order invoices, necessary for your accounting, are automatically generated for you and available anytime for print or download from your “Invoices” page.

7. Mark order as delivered and get paid

Once you have delivered the order to the buyer, you need to update the order status on your “Orders” page to initiate the payout process. Brands on Vegshelf benefit from a guaranteed payout within 10 days after the order has been delivered. In case there is something wrong with the order, the buyer has 72 hours from receiving the order to submit the claim by sending a message directly to you or - by contacting us. We advise that you try to reach an agreement with the buyer (product replacement, discount, money-back) and inform us of the outcome.

8. Get additional exposure on Vegshelf

We regularly curate and feature our brands in the “New brands” discovery page and each category section. Additionally, we love to share the news from our brands on our social media, newsletter and blog. Therefore, if you are interested in marketing opportunities exclusive to our brand community, please contact us at

Your business is growing, one order at a time!

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