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Let trade buyers across the globe discover and source your products. 


​Digital B2B marketplace that connects plant-based CPG manufacturers with trade buyers on-demand.

Reach the right audience and be among the respected manufacturers that supply innovative vegan food products.


Quick, easy & with no upfront costs.

Plant-based everything!

Vegshelf is the largest retail-ready vegan food product database out there offering products within 12 different categories from suppliers across the globe.

Cheese alternatives

Spreads & Dips

Milk, Cream & Egg alternatives

Meat & Sausage alternatives

Condiments & Seasonings

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

Ready-made meals

Pasta & Noodles

Sweets & Confectionery 

Cookies & Pastries



Grow your sales & Build meaningful relationships with the leading trade buyers

Share your brand's story!

We know that vegan product manufacturing is not a business that's only about earning money. There's a story behind each and every of you that defines why you do what you do.


Vegshelf provides a platform to have your brand's voice out there, showcase your product range and values your team stands for.

Use this 24/7 exposure to your advantage and share your company's story with the world!