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New times demand for new ways. Our pivot.

What a time. We never thought that we would experience a pandemic or similar crisis in our startup journey. But as the good-old saying “what doesn't kill you makes you stronger” goes, we see this also as a great time to pause and re-evaluate to be able to further focus on the aspects of our business that truly make a difference.

During the last couple of weeks we've been analyzing a lot of what's happening in B2B sales, retail and gastronomy sectors and how it all affects the life after COVID-19.

Display showing Vegshelf B2B Platform Interface
While there still is a lot of uncertainty, one thing is clear: the way how businesses discover new products and do sales will be different - more digital and more efficient thanks to online tools that many are already using as they adjusted to the new normal.

This observation also made us ask some hard questions about our business model and whether we are prepared for the times where everything moves online and human interaction is reduced to a minimum.

As a result we have decided to pivot and focus entirely on the discovery feature of our solution making Vegshelf the only digital B2B platform where online stores, supermarkets and foodservice buyers get to discover, compare and connect directly with emerging plant-based food brands from across Europe. Going further Vegshelf will no longer charge the transaction fee allowing suppliers to benefit from the platform without giving up part of their sales. Last but not least, improved filters and user interface, as well as great content pieces covering our supplier stories and products are just some of the next milestones of our roadmap, so make sure you follow us on Linkedin and Instagram.

While times like these are challenging, they highlight what is it that truly matters and creates value to our users.

That is the silver lining we see as we move forward and remain true to our mission - to make plant-based food accessible to everyone everywhere by simplifying the discovery and sourcing process for retail and foodservice buyers.

We are excited for what's to come and having each and every user, partner and team member as part of this journey. Stay healthy, positive and keep up the good work!

Baiba and Marcis,

Founders of Vegshelf

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