Information about Vegshelf

How it works

 Vegshelf for Buyers 

Digital B2B marketplace enabling supermarkets, independent stores and restaurants to discover and source emerging plant-based food brands. Get to know new products and suppliers, order samples, get access to best prices, do payments and manage relationships, all in one platform. 

Use of Vegshelf is free of charge for buyers.

 How does it work? 

1. Register,  get verified and create your Buyer profile. 

2. Find products you're looking for. Discover new and established suppliers and compare products by price, certification and other filters.

3. Connect with suppliers and place orders directly. Message suppliers for additional information inquiries or product sample requests. Place orders directly from suppliers. 

4. Pay securely through our digital marketplace. Vegshelf payment functionality is provided by Stripe – licensed payment service provider, compliant with European payments law (PSD2) and used by many well-known platforms such as Spotify, Lyft,, and Instacart.

5. Receive your products and be ahead of others! Receive your order directly from supplier to your store or warehouse, rate supplier and delight your customers with products they love!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at

 Vegshelf for Suppliers 

Digital B2B marketplace that helps emerging plant-based food brands get discovered by foodservice and retail companies, increase number of POS and grow their business. Reach the right audience and be among the respected manufacturers that supply innovative and emerging vegan food products. 

There is no cost associated with registering, uploading your products and getting discovered by trade buyers. To facilitate the transactions and maintain high quality of the marketplace, Vegshelf charges suppliers a transaction fee of 7% on all completed orders on the platform. The transaction fee is deducted from the payment collected from buyers. 

 How does it work? 

1. Register, get verified and create your Supplier profile. 

2. Create your product listings. Showcase your full product assortment by uploading product descriptions, pricing, certifications, MOQs, photos and other information. 

3. Get discovered. With Vegshelf you benefit from 24/7 exposure and direct access to trade buyers. 

4. Connect and do business. Once a buyer is interested in your product, they initiate first communication by requesting additional information, samples, or placing an order.

5. Arrange logistics and fulfill order. Organize and fulfill shipment directly to buyer's store or warehouse.

6. Receive payment. Once the order is fulfilled, you receive the payment, minus the 7% transaction fee that Vegshelf retains for maintenance of marketplace.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at