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 Plant-based food sourcing made simple 

Vegshelf is a digital B2B marketplace connecting supermarkets, restaurants and independent stores with emerging European plant-based food & beverage brands across all categories. 

From discovering and sampling through to ordering and payments, retail and foodservice companies can manage everything all in one platform. Whereas, for plant-based CPG food suppliers Vegshelf helps to strengthen their brand, provide direct access to verified trade buyers and ultimately grow product sales. Quick, easy and with no upfront costs.

 The Vegshelf story 

Germany-based, but internationally minded, Vegshelf is a food-tech startup on the mission to make plant-based food products accessible one transaction at a time.

Behind Vegshelf we are not only engineers and entrepreneurs with background in global trade and CPG distribution, but also flexitarians and vegans ourselves. Story of Vegshelf starts from our own daily struggle to find a good range of quality, indulging plant-based food products on supermarket shelves, restaurant menus and in our favourite coffee shops. Thanks to our background and experience, we knew exactly what's our solution to this problem and started working on the concept of Vegshelf back in 2018. 

Vegshelf vision is to be the largest emerging & innovative food brand database and sourcing platform worldwide.

 Future is plant-based 

At Vegshelf we believe that beyond being good for animals, humans and the planet, first and foremost plant-based food must be delicious, affordable and accessible to everyone everywhere. That's why we started Vegshelf - to help emerging plant-based food brands get discovered and sourced by restaurants, supermarkets and independent stores, as well as help these foodservice and retail companies to be ahead and offer plant-based food products that their customers demand. 

With double digit yearly growth, plant-based food industry shows no signs of slowing down. More so, today over 70% of the world population is either reducing meat consumption or leaving meat off the table altogether. Future truly is plant-based. Therefore, join us and let's build it together!

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