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Discover and shop our hand-picked assortment of unique drinks and craft beverages. Ensure your shop or cafe caters to modern consumers by offering alcohol-free drinks, kombucha, chai, ice-tea, plant-based protein drinks, and best-in-class European soft drinks. Enjoy low wholesale prices and free shipping from 250€ per brand.

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Discover a curated assortment of unique beverages for your retail, coffee shop or cafe

On Vegshelf's online wholesale marketplace, shop, cafe, and coffee shop owners can browse and shop wholesale a hand-picked range of unique drinks from today's most exciting European beverage brands.

Our assortment of alcohol-free beverages is carefully curated for beverage shops, wine stores, concept stores, coffee shops, online stores, delicatessens, pop-ups, grocers, organic shops, yoga and wellness studios, hotels, and other businesses, catering to modern and conscious customers who are looking for high quality, distinctive, and sustainable beverages.

Vegshelf B2B platform offers wholesale beverages that are vegan, fun, tasty, and made from a variety of local or fairly-sourced exotic ingredients.

Shop wholesale a unique range of alcohol-free craft beverages on Vegshelf

Alcohol-free spirits & drinks: We offer a selection of award-winning non-alcoholic beers, distillates, alcohol-free gins, mocktails, alcohol-free champagnes, and alcohol-free wines. Made of selected herbs, botanicals, and sophisticated techniques, ​​these drinks are in no way inferior in taste and performance to conventional alcoholic versions.

Kombucha, chai, and ice tea: Choose from a wide variety of kombucha, chai, and ice tea brewed using the finest natural ingredients and according to ancient recipes. Known for their health benefits and indulging flavors these drinks are perfect for coffee shops and concept stores.

Protein drinks: Find a curated range of high-quality protein drinks made of plant-based ingredients, such as oat milk, soy milk, coconut milk or almond milk. Protein drinks are a convenient way to get a quick protein boost, particularly for those who are physically active.

Wellness drinks & Soft drinks: Discover and shop wholesale a variety of unique wellness drinks, as well as sodas and soft drinks in traditional and exotic flavors. Refreshing and hydrating, these drinks are perfect for offices, coffee shops, cafes, and grocery shops.